Tuesday, 20 November 2012

HOW TO SING IN GLITCH - Farewell to Glitch

With Glitch ending on the 9th December, I'm trying to get the "Farewell to Glitch" video sorted. At the moment the soundtrack consists of 2 songs and a very weepy finale featuring the haunting work of Danny accompanying a sad glitch. The first song will just be a slideshow of snaps, some of which are being kindly donated by other Glitch players. The second song will be Glitches singing along to the words of the song. I'm using live video shoots instead of screen-shots this time.
This sounds simple but it is incredibly NOT simple.
This is how it works:

1. I open a party chat and invite all the participants (you) to it.

2. I type the words of a line of a song into party chat.  

3. You copy those words and paste them into local chat but do not press enter yet.

4. I will wait about 30 seconds for everyone to do that, then I will "sing" the words,
When you see the speech bubble with  the words of the song in, you all hit the enter button immediately in local chat.  
In theory, everybody will have a line of the song above their heads.

We then sing another line using the same procedure.

We will sometimes switch locations in Ur for different lines of the song so that we get as many diverse shots of Ur as backgrounds, although we will be lingering in Lothar Harte for a few lines. The singers may vary as well so that lots get a chance to be in it.