Saturday, 12 March 2011

As the FSS Popbloom prepares to land on the second moon, the first wave of pilgrims wake up with terrible hangovers from their previous nights celebrations. The celebration will become known as "The night before the morning after".
The main sphere fauna also wake up to a startling surprise. The third moon, merely a 'tiny speck' in the sky yesterday, now hangs ominously low in the sky. A new rocket may need to be built but faunakind are complaining at the cost of the space project and the cuts in pollution control made to pay for it. The astrophysicists keenly observe the new moon.
OH NO!! The third moon is inhabited by an ALIEN SPECIES!!  Will it be friendly?
A curious machine is set up on an airfield hidden in a crater. The machine starts emitting sounds like a strangled pouncer and flashes lights in some strange but coordinated sequence. Some fauna, driven by a strange primeval urge, slowly make their way to the airfield despite attempts by officials to stop them. Yet again, the main sphere goes to DEFCON 1. What will happen next?*

*No use asking me

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