Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Amazing last minute rescues take place before the sphere locks down. Stragglers, caught up in the lag, are picked up by passing engineers working on the shield protection. They are couso, illik annd sc803 who are dropped off on the 3rd moon. illik decides to show off and nearly jumps into outer space. sc803 wears the Mentor badge and she will be used to negotiate with the glitch-some alien. bellagoth was found stowing away in an ice-block and im4noles2 eventually got her name back.

Back on Earth, the dedicated author decides he has a distaste for asymmetry and adds a fourth moon called Sickly Sweet. He decides that the great fauna deity Garnish should be represented and places him upon this moon. (Garnish meaning to decorate and adorn.. the passion of caretakers.. and represented by a huge tusker).
Finally, as a finishing touch, the author adds a title and heads off for a well-deserved nervous breakdown.

Thanks to all the caretakers who took part in this. They are, in no particular order:-

gill288, cdr256, GOHEMI, Arcenciels, gypsy_woman, nightwatchman, shadow_fire, ScillyGirl5, jesaminesoo, LestatTheVamp, Wildjasmin, BluefireFox, number69, possoms, Pharlap5987, remerc12, Pinkey93, SunMist, RainCat, Teriluu, tlight, distantstar, mermaid17, angel52294, mbolduc, kaileybear, rascalmom, Nunnutaja, Martin2011, Emerald123, rascalmom, Bexa, iarih,  TPeers, Smart_Cookie, Christoanna, AlmostSilver, faunafavorite, AzaleaMist, suzyq54, warmmama, cheriemac, Gracefire, bribling, maclin, deranged_one, phreak, chicomomma71, hadethebest, Isabellebfff1234, CoffeeSnob, Piecemaker13, Pattieskisses, PhoenixBladeIMVU, __VALENTINE__, Kaisube, carney1959, Arielesybil, mzmunchken, im4noles2, couso, illik, sc803, bellagoth and Snygyst.

If I've missed you out please let me know.

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