Monday, 14 March 2011

The Sum of All Spheres

The FSS Popbloom has now set forth for distant galaxies in search of desperate refugees.
New colonists on the Dasher's Dale moon include Kaisube, carney1959, Arielesybil, __VALENTINE__ and mzmunchken. A further settler im4noles2 became nameless on Dasher's Dale and was hurriedly transported to the 3rd moon (thus becoming the first colonist on the alien-infested moon) only to find they were still nameless (I'm working on it!).
The fauna on the sphere and moons prepare to lock down their environment. Huge shields will soon be erected to reflect neutrino radiation from the Big-Bang Fish Games explosion, effectively sealing off the sphere and moons.
The Elders try to console the worried populace by muttering such platitudes as "Sphere today, gone tomorrow".

Orbiting a sun some 40 billion light-years away is a planet called Earth on which sits a human called David. He is desperately scratching his head for more puns. He is also preparing to video the explosion and produce a film "Farewell to Faunasphere: Endgame." No sequels are anticipated.

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