Saturday, 5 March 2011

The general idea is to produce a game-size sphere image you can scroll round and see fellow fauna.
There are problems at the moment in that I can't get the scaling correct for a blog. I need to get a closer-up view but I think google is limiting my file size.
In the end I hope to add various caretakers either on the sphere or on the surrounding background, or maybe on my extra spheres. In the meantime I still have the actual image to complete. The original image should print clearly as a 30" x 20" poster.                Work continues.

An updated image  replaces the previous one. Let's call it version 06Mar2011.
Apart from numerous incarnations of Snygyst, there are also cameo appearances by gill288, cdr256, GOHEMI, Arcenciels, gypsy_woman, nightwatchman, shadow_fire, ScillyGirl5, jesaminesoo, LestatTheVamp, Wildjasmin, BluefireFox, number69, possoms, Pharlap5987, remerc12, Pinkey93,SunMist, RainCat, Teriluu, tlight, distantstar, mermaid17, angel52294, mbolduc, kaileybear, rascalmom, Nunnutaja, Martin2011, Emerald123.  Can't see them clearly here... yet! Adding more soon.

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  1. Also plan to add my 3 satellite spheres to the main pic. Glad I didn't buy 4th.