Sunday, 13 March 2011

What happens next is down to the inherently peaceful characteristics of the fauna. They are not, by nature, a war-loving race. The FSS Popbloom performs a slow, low fly-past of the new moon with it's alien life-form and the crew wave at the creature. The creature waves back. New alliances are forged. The sphere yet again comes off its war footing, the sphere's leaders blaming a glitch in some image-editing software for the mistake.
In the meantime, the second moon has been populated by settlers. The settlers were phreak, chicmomma71, hadethebest, Isabellebff1234, CoffeeSnob, Pattieskisses, Piecemaker13 and PhoenixBladeIMVU.
They name the moon Dasher's Dale as native fauna dashers were seen there. The third moon becomes known as Drooling Dragons because it seems to be popular with bobblers. The first moon, similar in climate to the host sphere, is named "The Land of Ice and Snow". Being the home of the pilgrims of the first exploratory mission this moon will be immortalized by future bards, notably in the Immigrant Song by one of the sphere's most famous rock bands, Led Zapperlin.
The FSS Popbloom returns home to pick up another cluster of fauna.

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