Thursday, 10 March 2011

Teams of international scientists and astrophysicists determine that the asteroids are not a threat but are indeed hitherto undiscovered satellites, so the military steps down from their war footing. They have also determined that the atmosphere supports fauna life. This is welcome news as the main sphere cannot sustain an increase in the population. Another effect of the arrival of the moons is to make the trees grow to their full height.
The United Sphere Association and the Unpolluted Kingdoms combine their technological expertise to start a space programme and the first pilgrims are preparing to board the Popbloom space rocket, some preparing speeches about small steps and giant leaps.
However the astrophysicists, using the Bobble telescope have realised that the nearest moon is already inhabited!

(Meanwhile independent observers have noted that this blog is rapidly degenerating into a load of rubbish.)

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