Friday, 11 March 2011

While the first pilgrims settle down with the natives of the first moon and trade gifts of amber for den items, a further expeditionary force sets forth on the FSS Popbloom to investigate the second moon. A third* moon can be seen approaching. 
The now celebrated "Popbloom Pilgrims", as they became known, have had their MMR and BFG vaccinations, and are celebrating with pumpkin pie washed down with a glass of Bux Fizz.
History will record that the first settlers were suzyq54, warmmama, cheriemac, Gracefire, bribling, deranged_one, cheriemac (again?), Maclin and shadow_fire.
The natives of the moon were AlmostSilver, Snygyst (gets everywhere), faunafavorite, AzaleaMist and nightwatchman.

*There isn't a fourth moon, didn't buy it.

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